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Logistics Solutions

We specialize in a variety of speed governor, tracking & logistics services. Our aim is to deliver the top level of fleet management & logistics solutions based on your requests. We hope that with our services you will receive the most personalized help in transporting any kind of cargo to any distances, even overseas. Discover the amazing world of tracking & logistics with us!

We support a huge selection of vehicles to meet any taste and budget

Our services are only of the highest possible quality.

Low prices are the cornerstone of our vision, business idea and concept.


Karibia Solutions is a leading provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions. Our products and services are designed to enable both consumers and commercial fleet operators to actively manage, monitor and measure the performance of their drivers and mobile assets.

Thanks to our solutions our customers are continually enhancing their safety, reducing their risk, becoming more profitable or lessening their impact on the environment.


We are dedicated to efficiency in both the services we offer and the technology we employ to do so. Our solutions are geared toward making our clients business cost effective, environmentally friendly and ultimately, profitable.

By focussing on people rather than vehicles, Karibia differentiates itself from competitors by providing peace of mind through reliable personal safety services like roadside assistance, crash alert and emergency services.

Our technical teams have continued to innovate and deliver other leading-edge telematics solutions including smartphone and internet tracking services, as well as advanced automated tax logbooks.


We value our partners and believe that our program of partnership is very effective business tool that opens many advantages for its participants.


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When fleet operators are properly equipped to manage their mobile assets and take charge of driver behaviour, the result is a guaranteed increase in profitability.

A Karibia Solutions fleet management solution enables our customers to reduce fuel costs, better manage routes and delivery schedules, improve vehicle utilisation and track vehicles and drivers in real-time. The fleet owner can also efficiently manage servicing and licencing, resulting in reduced wear-and-tear and increased vehicle uptime. More efficiency improves customer service and contributes to a healthy bottom line.

By reducing their fuel consumption, Karibia Solutions customers reduce their fleets’ carbon emissions, which is particularly important for the road transport industry, which is alone responsible for 18% of global carbon emissions, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan.

Fleet customers of Karibia Solutions rely on our solutions in competitive markets, where even the smallest amounts of time and money are critical in determining the success of their business. A properly implemented solution pays for itself in under 12 months.


With research indicating human error to be the cause of approximately 80% of motor collisions, fleet owners are under mounting pressure to not only identify risky driver behaviour, but to take corrective action and improve their safety levels.

End-to-end safety solutions by Karibia Solutions enable fleet managers to:

  • Identify and correct poor driving events such as over speeding, harsh cornering or entry into no-go zones.
  • Monitor drivers in relation to past performance as well   as to other drivers in the fleet and implementing targeted driver training.
  • Develop customised driver safety policies to keep their vehicles serviced and safe on the road.

Karibia Journey Management not only helps to identify and manage risk relating to journeys, but improves the safety of people, vehicles and cargo. Our consumer solutions in Kenya boast stand-out features like insurance approval, roadside assistance, automated tax logbook and crash alert.


Karibia Solutions offers a range of products and services that enable customers to comply with health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations. In particular, the company is focused on providing quality service in the oil and gas industry.


Real-time and historical tracking, recovery services and trailer tracking are key offerings by Karibia Solutions that are all designed to enhance personal safety and security as well as security for commercial fleets.


We are always ready to help you. There are many ways to contact us. You may drop us a line, give us a call or send an email, choose what suits you most.

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